Compatible: Keepy is compatible with 70% of gate opener remotes, you can check compatibly list here.

Connected: The Keepy device connects to the internet and your phone via your home WiFi, enabling a connection between your gate and your smartphone, but the smartphone does not need to be connected to the WIFI network at home, it is sufficient that it is connected to the Internet, even outside the home.

Smart: Keepy can open the gate / garage door for you.

Reliable: You will never need to replace a battery – because there is none.

Easy: Install Keepy yourself in your house in less than 3 minutes – perfect for renters and everybody else, even if your are all thumbs. Keepy’s technology guarantee that you can install the device without electrician.

Compact: We have minimized our device’s size without compromising on the quality of its numerous features.




The free Keepy app works for both major operating systems: iOS and Android



You can easily install Keepy yourself into your home – there is no need for an electrician. For installing Keepy, simply follow three steps:

You can download the free Keepy app for iOS or Android and pair it with your Keepy. The app will guide you through set-up. Voilà, you’re done!

Yes, installation really is so easy.


Avoid buying additional remote controls. With one Keepy you can grant access to up to 30 persons (each one will have to donwload the free Keepy app).   Easily share access without ever having to replace your remote as shown in the figure.


If you have the master rights (administrator/owner of Keepy) you can easily use the app to remove access to other users as shwon in the figure.


Keepy is compatible with almost all the most gate opener remotes, you can check compatibly list on our web site here. We bet your remote control looks different! Right? No problem!  In case your manufacturer is not included yet, just send us an email to and we’ll check compatibility for you. Still got doubts? Give it a try! Each Keepy device includes a 30 day money back guarantee, beginning on the day you receive it.


Your Keepy device comes with an SSL encryption technology that complies with the highest security standards, the same applied in online banking. Therefore, only authorized persons can enter your building when you as the administrator grant (time-restricted) access. Of course your smartphone can get lost or stolen. But unlike keys / remote, this doesn’t mean any hazard of burglars getting into your house. Simply cancel access from any other smartphone by logging in to the app or letting another authorized member cancel access for your stolen smartphone. There’s no risk of being locked out without your smartphone either. You can still use your gate opener remote. Alternatively, you can log in to the app from any other smartphone or an authorized family member or flat mate can open your main entrance gate for you from anywhere in the world. There are many more possibilities than with forgotten or lost remote.